CELSDOSE® ampoulles


Looking for a simple, reliable packaging solution for single dose applications - at a competitive price?

We have the answer for you with our CELSDOSE® complete packaging system, including purpose designed filling machines!




Take a look at the main advantages and details:

The CELSDOSE® system is

  • certified for pharmaceutical applications (EU and FDA),
  • certified for food-supplement products
  • certified for cosmetic applications
  • suitable for sterilization, max. temp. 126 °C for 11 minutes
  • ideal single dose/one-shot packaging for liquid or powder/granulate materials
  • easy to handle - easy to use - easy to recycle
  • easy to adapt manual or semi-automatic filling methods for low quantities
  • ready for a "Plug-in" filling solution for higher quantity filling demands



Technical details:

Product:                  CELSDOSE® Round ampoules with breakable closure
Available sizes:   
   5 ML, 10ML, 15ML (under development)
Raw material:     
    Polypropylene PPM H250
   Injection in clean room environment
  With special crystallizer trays (for 132 or 90 units), delivered in protective multilayer carton and foil packaging
                                with enhanced rigidity, on EUR sized palettes.


These CELSDOSE® ampoules are very easy to fill up and close. It is more likely that your existing filling machine can be adapted by a technician.
The ampoules need a slat conveyor system with holding units or air conveyor system because our
CELSDOSE® ampoules are designed with a flange for that purpose.
Also there are different solutions for simple manual or semi-automatic filling.

The complete CELSDOSE® system is patented. It is under the protection of international intellectual property's rights.


Visit our CELSDOSE webpage for more details!


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