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MAREY LTD had been established in 1992 for exploring new business possibilities between the West and the East part of Europe. 

The Company is active in the market of cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging since 1998. Because of the technological, financial, economic, cultural differences, we had a long-term vision for helping the "post-ost-block" countries to integrate into the European standards in all these fields.

Our will is helping them to find markets and demand for their products.

Our aim on the other side, that we could provide our connections, experience, and knowledge to explore the emerging markets and demands throughout the expanding EU territories, for the European standard high-quality products and services.

Our professional experience is about 40 years, mostly in the field of the cosmetic project management and especially in the packaging. We are coordinating our business relationships in about 15 countries in Europe, but we have connections to Africa, South-America and to the Middle-East as well.

Besides the products of our own molds, we are distributors for other companies. Their products and ours are complementary to form a global range of packaging products. We try to provide a better and better choice for our customers. That's why we are always improving and developing new molds and new versions of existing products.

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